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Power Strapping Machines

Power strapping machines, the most efficient method for strap application, ensure uniform strap placement and load integrity. Signode manufactures the MHB-TP12 for bulk pallet unitization of can and PET bottles..

MHB-TP12 bulk pallet unitizer

The MHB-TP12 bulk pallet unitizer provides consistent retained strap tension throughout the transportation cycle, resulting in improved package performance. Built with fewer parts and a number of features that facilitate easier maintenance and operation, the MHB-TP12 provides the lowest cost of ownership available.

MHB-TP12 Key Features

Multi-level tensioning system
The MHB-TP12’s innovative tensioning system equalizes the strap tension from the top and bottom to provide more accurate strap tension that remains consistent throughout the cycling process.

Modular strapping heads
Separate, lightweight tensioning and sealing modules are easy to access and remove for maintenance, drastically reducing downtime. When switching to a spare module, the MHB-TP12 can be up and running in minutes.