Brick and Concrete Pavers - Plastic Strapping Systems

Edge Protection

BladeRunner™ polyethylene edge protection

BladeRunner® and BladeBottom™polyethylene edge protection enhances load stability and improves brick alignment. Its ability to stretch under application reduces the slack between straps, providing for greater cube stability in rough handling situations.

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Increased initial strap protection
When BladeRunner and BladeBottom is applied to a brick cube the initial retained tension is 11 percent higher than that of non-woven polyester. As a result, cubes stay together minimizing downtime throughout the distribution process.

Higher UV protection
Built-in UV protection helps withstand outdoor weather conditions during shipping and storage.

No need for pre-scoring
When brick cubes are separated, BladeRunner and BladeBottom tear readily without being pre-scored, eliminating the need to add hot knife or punch equipment to existing operations.