Bale Packaging System

  • Increases productivity
  • Decreases annual costs
  • Reduces labor requirements
  • Designed for easy integration

GinFast Bags

  • Woven with highly oriented PET tapes
  • Provides better protection
  • Superior uniformity

Bale Packaging System

Signode's innovative new bale packaging system increases productivity, while improving operator safety in the gin, warehouse and mill. It provides enhanced protection and containment of cotton bales in a single consumable, eliminating the combination of protective bagging with wire or strapping. The system's simple, rugged design guarantees reliable performance with minimal service interruptions throughout the ginning season.






Increases productivity

  • Cycle time of 5 seconds versus an average cycle time of 8-12 seconds with strapping bales
  • Bale travels directly from press to bagging system, eliminating inefficiencies
  • Automatic sampling that meets USDA criteria

Decreases annual costs

  • Faster speeds, consistent cycle times and high reliability deliver significant savings
  • More bales per day speeds up the ginning season

Reduces labor requirements

  • Bagging process can be handled by one person in a single location
  • Semiautomatic bag assist and automatic bag closure minimize labor at the press

Designed for easy integration

  • Similar to existing gin equipment for ease of training and maintenance
  • Simple, robust design is easy to maintain and troubleshoot


GinFast bags are woven with highly oriented PET tapes that contain the entire surface of the bale, providing better protection along with superior uniformity for improved handling, stacking stability and warehouse space utilization.








Benefits throughout the cotton supply chain

In the gin

The GinFast system frees up the press by moving bales directly from the press into the bagging chamber for remote packaging. Bales are out of the press in under five seconds. GinFast capacity can accommodate production rates of 90 bales or more per hour.





In the warehouse

The GinFast process produces a smaller, more uniform and consistent bale than current packaging methods, resulting in more efficient warehouse operations.




At the textile mill

In the opening room, the bag removal process for GinFast bales eliminates the potential for injuries associated with cutting wire or strapping under extreme tension. Plus, disposal is simplified with the elimination of multiple consumable products.