Metals Industry

Plastic Strapping Systems

Signode plastic strapping systems for the Metals Industry consist of High-Strength Tenax™ polyester strapping, pneumatic hand tools, dispensers and accessories. Our Metals Industry sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective packaging system for your application.


High-Strength Tenax® polyester strapping

Tenax polyester strapping is ideally suited for unitizing metal loads. It yields high break strengths while maintaining a higher level of retained strap tension than steel strappings so that straps stay tight on metal loads that tend to shift during handling and transit. Plus, it doesn't rust or damage loads. Signode provides a full line of hand tools and power strapping equipment for the application of High-Strength Tenax polyester strapping.







Closed Loop Recycling Program for Tenax polyester strapping

Committed to developing ideas for recycling and reusing the products we make, Signode's innovative Closed Loop Recycling Program enables companies to recycle used polyester strapping to reduce their packaging waste and disposal costs. It's an easy, practical and economical way to fulfill your environmental safeguarding objectives. To learn more about the Closed Loop Recycling Program or to begin participating, contact your Metals Industry Specialist.