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Stretch Wrapping Systems

For nearly 30 years, Signode has been one of the world’s largest producers of stretch wrapping systems, including both stretch film and application equipment. These systems, which may be used exclusively or in conjunction with strapping systems, help protect products from damage during handling, transit and storage.

We produce our own stretch films in a variety of types and sizes, including hand application films and machine applied films. We also offer a full line of application equipment, from hand held wrappers to fully automatic stretch wrapping systems.

Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective packaging system for your application.

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MK1 CoilMaster

The MK1 CoilMaster's axial, or through-the-eye, stretch wrapping system fully encapsulates coils of strip and wire products in a protective cocoon of film, providing protection from contaminants, moisture and surface damage.

The MK1 CoilMaster packaging system represents a major advance in the packaging of steel and aluminium coils with the application of microchip technology and innovative engineering. 

It is an automatically operated system that uses a heavy gauge stretch film for the wrapping of coils. The concept used is for a specifically shaped track to carry a film dispensing shuttle through the eye of the coil, while the coil is slowly rotated on its axis on a set of blocker rollers. The complete body of the coil is, therefore sealed by a cocoon of stretch film. Ancillary protective packaging can be incorporated into the system.


Stretch Wrapping Equipment
Boehl Linear / Bulk Shaped Products and Ring / Coil Shaped Products

H. Bohl stretch wrapping systems for metal service centers provide cost effective high speed packaging solutions with long term dependability. Bohl offers two stretch packaging machine lines – one for packaging linear/bulk shaped products such as bars and tubes and another for through-the-eye packaging of steel coils.

The benefits of spiral stretch wrapping include faster and more cost effective packaging, more consistent packaging quality, reduced materials, lower energy consumption and superior product protection. When corrosion prevention is necessary, Bohl machines utilize VCI film and/or paper to provide the desired protection.

Bohl systems are available in manual, semi-automated, and fully automated models. Complete integration into existing production lines is readily available with available signal exchange coupled with technical assistance in designing in-feed and out-feed conveyor systems.

VCI Specialty Film

VCI specialty film is manufactured with a Volatile Corrosive Inhibitor that activates upon application. When the wrapped product is completely covered on all sides, VCI media in the film allows positive and negative ions to be released into the small air space between the film and the product. These ions have a very strong attraction to the surface of metal, stronger than the ions of corrosive media present, such as water vapor, salt, etc.

  • Helps prevent rust on iron and steel products.
  • Ideal for wrapping steel coils and other metal stock.
5th Generation sheet film

6th Generation sheet film

An extremely high strength film manufactured to withstand the harshest environments.

  • A patented laminated film reinforced with fiber strands.
  • Designed to resist cuts and severe abrasion.
  • Ideal for wrapping metal sheets and other product with sharp edges.