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Signode has a full line of equipment and products designed to simplify shipping and handling for fiber and textiles, while preventing contamination and product damage throughout the distribution cycle.

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Angleboard® is made of multiple plies of recycled paper laminated together and formed into a rigid right angle to make the best cardboard corner edge protectors on the market.


AngleWrap® is made of multiple plies of recycled paper, laminated together with glue and encased in a full outer wrap of paper. The board is then formed into a rigid right angle to ensure maximum edge protection.

APX Board

APXboard™ laminated paperboard is made of multiple plies of recycled paper formed into a rigid right angle. Ideal for unitization and edge protection.


Shippers' Autoflator allows users to set inflation pressure and automatically inflate Heavyweight airbags - improving safety, productivity and accuracy.


Cornerboard ™ a high strength, moisture resistant corner post and edge protector is ideal for products exposed to the elments or stored in high humidity environments.


Corrupad uses a patented manufacturing process that gives angles, channels stacking strength, and shock absorbency for maximum product protection.

Digital Inflator

Shippers Products Digital Inflator allows users to precisely and quickly inflate airbags using the TX valve and sleeve venturi system.


Signode Dylastic® polypropylene strapping (PP-Strap) runs through hand tools and equipment with superior performance for light to medium-duty bundling


Edgemaster, made of multiple plies of recycled paper is a lower cost alternative to traditional corner protection, helps unitize and reinforce your pallet load.

Fast Fill

Reliable and trustworthy, the Shippers Products Fastfill Valve allows user to quickly fill  dunnage bags with low profile tips for tight voids.

Flat Edge Protector

Shipped flat, laminated paper Edge Protectors form a 90 degree angle.  Used to  improve tension transmission of strapping and afford product edge protection from strapping damage.