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Signode is a leading transit-packaging provider with a proud tradition of offering a range of innovative and effective products and solutions to our customers globally.



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Signode Becomes Transit
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With over $2.5B in revenue, 80+ manufacturing facilities across 6 continents and over 7,000 employees worldwide, Signode is a leading manufacturer of a broad spectrum of transit packaging consumables, tools, software, and equipment that optimize end-of-line packaging operations and protect products in transit.  Signode brings this extensive product portfolio together under hundreds of trusted brands to offer complete transit packaging solutions to its customers.

We produce strap, stretch and protective packaging. We also manufacture packaging tools and equipment used to apply the bulk packaging materials. These commercial packaging products are used to pack, bundle, unitize, protect and secure goods during warehousing and transit. Our company is a pioneer in the industrial packaging sector with a long history of customer-focused innovations in materials, processes and automation technology that have revolutionized the sector.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, we are proud to be the Transit Packaging Division of Crown Holdings, Inc. We are excited to go to market as Signode and to share the portfolio of products, services and capabilities that make us the world’s premier end-of-line packaging company.




Chicago inventor, Ellsworth E. Flora, and his partner, J. Fremont Murphy, organize the Seal and Fastener Company.

signode created


The “Signode” name is adopted.


Signode Britain is formed as the first foreign subsidiary.


Signode International, Ltd. is formed to consolidate all international businesses.
fully automated machine


Signode develops the first fully automatic power strapping machine, revolutionizing the packaging business.

stock market signode


Signode is listed on the NYSE.

plastic strapping


Plastic strapping and tools are developed and sold.


Signode Steel Strapping becomes Signode Corporation.
strapping tools


Signode develops its own polypropylene strapping, called Contrax®.


Corporate offices move to Glenview, Illinois.


Tenax® polyester strapping is developed.


Signode Corporation becomes Signode Industries Inc. in one of the largest leveraged buy-outs in American business history at that time.


Tape and stretch film packaging systems are added to Signode's product line, making Signode the premier full-line supplier of protective packaging systems.


Signode is acquired by Illinois Tool Works (ITW) and restructured as Signode Packaging Systems.

closed loop recycling1988

Signode launches a Closed Loop Recycling Program that enables companies to recycle used polyester strapping to reduce their packaging waste and disposal costs. Recaptured strapping is used for the manufacture of new strapping.

high strength tenax1990

Signode develops High-Strength Tenax® polyester strapping, which later replaces steel strapping in many applications, including lumber and panel products, cotton bales, brick cubes and paper rolls.


Global industry managers are named to address product development and marketing issues affecting select industries worldwide.

modular strapping2003

A modular strapping system that consists of separate, lightweight tensioning and sealing modules is developed. This innovative system drastically reduces maintenance costs and downtime on strapping equipment.

general purpose strapping2004

Signode introduces its high speed, low maintenance LBX and HBX series General Purpose Equipment line featuring jam-resistant technology, automatic loading, no drives, belts or pulleys and 40% fewer parts than competitive strapping machine models.

thin strapping2009

Committed to being a leader in sustainability for the packaging industry, Signode develops a thin strap that utilizes 40% fewer raw materials in the manufacturing process without sacrificing performance.


Signode introduces the GripPack, the first battery powered sealer and tensioner for steel strapping.


Signode is acquired by The Carlyle Group and restructured as Signode Industrial Group.
crown ownership


Signode Becomes Transit Packaging Division of Crown Holdings Inc.


Signode launched as unified global master brand.
Tampa Signode HQ


Global headquarters moves to Tampa, Florida


Signode is committed to continued growth through the development of new products and technologies. We annually dedicate substantial resources to the research and development of new opportunities that improve performance, service and product quality