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Signode offers a complete line of equipment from stretch wrapping machines, pallet wrappers, stretch film, and stretch hood machines. We design our products to help you improve your packaging efficiency and safety. 

Our Wrappers and Consumables

Stretch Wrapping Equipment

We offer a variety of automatic stretch wrapper machines, including both automatic and semi-automatic options.

Utilizing our equipment and the appropriate pre-stretch film will provide high quality for your pallet loads. The Signode team can help you find the right film roll for your business. 

Stretch Hooders

Stretch hooders are machines used in packaging operations to securely wrap palletized loads with film. They work by stretching a tubular film around the load and then securing it tightly with heat or mechanical seals. This method provides stability, protection, and tamper resistance to the palletized goods. 

Consumable Film

We sell different types of stretch film, oriented films, and agricultural film. 

Film for different conditions, such as stretch film for puncture resistance and wrap for heavy loads.  

Our products include items from the Signode brand Mima Films.

Why a Signode Stretch Solution?

  • Stretch wrapping tightly secures the load on the pallet. This helps prevent it from shifting or falling during transport or storage. This results in better stability for the load.
  • Stretch film protects goods from moisture, dust, and damage by creating a barrier against contaminants.
  • Automated stretch wrappers wrap pallets fast and consistently, saving time and labor compared to manual wrapping methods.
  • Stretch wrappers can wrap different sizes and shapes of loads, making them useful for many types of products and industries.
  • Stretch wrapping creates a strong seal that makes it harder for people to tamper with or steal packaged goods.
  • Maximizing space, wrapping aids in combining loads, optimizing the use of warehouse space and promoting effective storage and transportation.
  • All in one, Signode provides all the equipment needed from wrapping machines to the film for wrapping either by hand or machine.
  • Stretch wrappers are crucial for businesses as they aid in packaging, cost savings, product protection, and efficiency.

Signode Stretch Wrapper Machine Brands 

Home to popular brands well known in the wrapping industry including Lachenmeier® and Octopus®, offering stretch hooding equipment and automatic stretch machines.  

Signode Experienced in Wrapping

Our team can help you find the correct wrapping film and machine for your business based on the desired wrapping patterns. This mechanism will suggest where to reinforce the film and where to add more film on the load for better stability.

Signode offers both automatic and semi-automatic machines for packaging lines to find the right solution for your needs. Our team will look if you would be best suited with a machine solution, simply or simply require hand film or wrap for a existing machine. Add stretch wrappers to your production line for automated packaging. We integrate our systems to automate your packaging process efficiently.  

fully closed hoodFully Closed Hoodfilm sleeveFilm Sleevereinforced wrappingReinforced Wrappingshort hoodShort Hood
Type A
Regular Shaped Load
irregular shaped loadType B
Irregular Shaped Load
unstable loadType C Unstable Loadsingle package loadSingle Package Load

We have equipment for wrapping pallets of all kinds. This includes fully cubed loads, irregular loads, and even just a single box on a pallet.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services. Upgrade your packaging line with a Signode stretch wrapping system. Learn how we can help support your business's packaging needs.

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Stretch Wrapping and Stretch Hooding

Learn the differences between using a stretch wrapper and a stretch hooder. The choice depends on factors like the load, protection needed, production needs, and budget.

Stretch WrappingStretch Hooding
Film is wrapped around the load using a rotating turntable or rotary arm the film is stretched as it is applied.Tubular film is placed over the load and sealed to form a tight hood around the load.
The film will be wrapped around the side and top of the load providing protection and stability to the outer layer of products.A full hood is created which covers the entire pallet offering comprehensive coverage to stack products.
Preferred for wide range loads, shapes and weights.Suited for larger heavier loads with irregular shapes where complete coverage is important.

Both methods offer excellent load stability and minimize shifting during transit. Our specialists can support you to make the right choice for your business and industry.

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