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Consult the Signode Packaging Labs to optimize your packaging. Our teams can propose and validate the proper packaging solutions in one of our industry-certified labs.

Why Visit the Signode Packaging Lab

  • Real-world transit conditions are simulated in a controlled lab environment for actionable, data-driven decision making.
  • Prior to purchase, Signode’s solutions can be demonstrated for full customer confidence.
  • All testing is tailored to your specific product and distribution environment to ensure your products will be protected.
Signode Packaging Lab

Tests in Signode Packaging Lab

Replicates real-world transit conditions to optimize and validate packaging performance. As the industry's marquee transit packaging testing facility, Signode's Packaging Lab allows customers to test the resiliency and efficacy of different packaging protocols. Standard tests conducted by the lab include:

Drop Testing

Drop Testing

Recreates conditions that may occur in handling a parcel during warehousing and delivery

Load Testing

Load Stability Testing

Determines the effectiveness of packaging in protecting a product during changes in velocity

Inline Testing

Incline Impact Testing

Tests sudden horizontal impact often associated with railcar coupling and truck docking

Environmental Chamber

Environmental Testing

Tests the impacts of extreme temperature and humidity

Random Vibration Icon

Random Vibration Testing

Reproduces vertical vibration that packaged products experience during shipping and handling

Rough Handling

Rough Handling Course

Determines the stability and durability of palletized loads when handled by a fork truck

Packaging Lab Signode

Packaging Labs Around the World

We have multiple testing facilities around the world. Book your visit to a Signode packaging lab today. 

You can find us: 


  • Roselle, IL USA
  • Danville, VA USA


  • Sonderborg, Denmark


  • Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

We adhere to the top industry standards.

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