Signode to Present End-to-End Automation and Packaging Solutions at PACK EXPO 2022

Signode to Present End-to-End Automation and Packaging Solutions at PACK EXPO 2022
– Answering the call for productivity, throughput and superior product protection –
Signode will be featuring its “end-to-end” solutions at PACK EXPO 2022, to be held at McCormick Place in Chicago from October 23-26, 2022. Connected with live-stream video feeds, Signode will have booths in both the South Hall (Booth S-3742) and North Hall (Booth N-6015). Attendees will get a true feel for the packaging journey and the organization’s ongoing partnership with its global customers through Signode’s highlighted automation and packaging technologies.
"The demand for increased automation is derived from multiple supply chain trends and challenges, but what it comes down to is our customers can't afford for their product to be damaged before it gets to their customers,” said Mike Stein, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management, Signode. "Alongside a robust service team to help customers maintain and optimize their investment, Signode is able to provide a complete automation solution to maximize productivity, throughput and uptime across industries.”
Signode’s comprehensive suite of automated packaging equipment, tools, consumables, and warehouse automation solutions provide crucial support to the organization’s global consumers. The dual-booth Signode experience will provide a detailed look at how the organization serves the supply chain.
The journey begins at booth S-3742 in the South Hall, where visitors have the opportunity to learn about the automated packaging solutions Signode provides to pack, unitize and protect products prior to transit.
Among the solutions present, the PackPoint automated packaging system, LDX RTB 4.0 Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer, Multi FleX1 Electric Hooder, and Signode’s Simplimatic® Pallet Transformer Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) will be featured.
  • The PackPoint system combines five job functions into one, providing forming, packing, sealing, printing and labeling all in one compact, streamlined unit. Configured to match production requirements, this system can be integrated with a robotic picking and packing technology to increase efficiency.
  • With belt speeds up to 155 feet per minute, the LDX-RTB 4.0 Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer features patented technology that enables processing of void-filled and over-stuffed cases with a pneumatic top cartridge. The robust design enables simplified maintenance and features case-hardened rollers and nonmechanical side rail actuation while delivering long-performance and durability in the most demanding applications.
  • The Multi FleX1 Electric is the latest addition to Signode’s popular Lachenmeier® brand of stretch hooders used around the globe for load containment. Featuring an electrically operated stretch frame and film handling system, its overall smaller footprint means that the Multi FleX1 Electric can also maximize valuable production floor space and be placed closer to a facility’s perimeter.
  • Signode’s Simplimatic Pallet Transfer Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is a fully integrated autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with transfer conveyor. It facilitates easy integration of autonomous transfer pallets and gaylords in an existing facility.  This system is made to dock to end of line roller or drag chain transfer conveyors and transfer loads automatically.  It navigates autonomously throughout the facility without the aid of lines or magnetic strips and will actively reroute itself around obstructions in its path. 
  • Additionally, Signode will showcase a wide range of popular protective packaging options. From components used inside the box – providing edge and corner protection, cushioning and crush resistance to products – to load securing dunnage products safeguarding them through the entire transportation journey. Some of the protective product brands attendees will see highlighted include Shippers Dunnage Airbags, Multi-Wall Honeycomb, Angleboard® Edge Protection, and GatorStrap® Composite Lashing.
In addition to the Signode solutions featured in the South Hall, the transit journey continues in booth N-6015 in the North Hall. Here, Signode will feature its end-of-line automation solutions for palletizing and storing products. Featured solutions include Signode’s Simplimatic® Essential Compact and Mixed Palletizers, the newly enhanced cart-based StorFast® ASRS system, and Signode’s Simplimatic® Universal Material Transfer Autonomous Mobile Robot. 
  • Signode’s Simplimatic Essential Compact and Mixed Robotic Palletizing Systems are engineered to load single or multiple pallets simultaneously. Signode offers palletizers in both conventional multi-axis as well as force-limiting collaborative varieties with payloads available ranging from .5 kg up to 700 kg depending on project need. All robotic palletizers are available with custom recipes to allow a single cell to handle multiple SKUs with variable stacking patterns.
  • The StorFast ASRS system now operates at twice the speed, with improved control for acceleration and deceleration of the robotic carts. In addition, StorFast components can now handle pallets weighing up to 4,400 pounds and cold environment applications down to minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit. Signode has the capacity to design a complete operating system, with the StorFast ASRS system at its core, that manages the location of every pallet for optimal pallet flow and easily integrates with customers’ Enterprise Resource Planning, Order Fulfillment, and Warehouse Management Systems.
  • The Simplimatic Universal Material Transfer Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is a fully integrated AMR with transfer conveyor. It facilitates the easy integration of autonomous transfer of tray, tote, pallets, boxes, and other materials in an existing facility. This system is made to dock to end of line conveyors or workstations and transfer the materials automatically. It can autonomously navigate throughout a facility without magnetic strips or lines and will reroute around obstructions.
Companies of all sizes benefit from Signode’s Packaging Plus® Reliability Services Team.  Employing more than 500 field service engineers and technicians around the world, they have the expertise provided by ongoing training and the latest technology tools to keep them efficient, effective, and engaged on behalf of the organization’s customers. As in the holistic approach to devising automation solutions, the Packaging Plus Reliability Services Team engages with customers to develop preventive, protective, and comprehensive care using a specially designed Performance Assessment Report.
To learn more about how Signode can transform your packing and shipping operations through automated solutions, visit booths S-3742 and N-6015 at PACK EXPO 2022, or visit For additional information about PACK EXPO International, visit
About Signode
Signode is the $2.5 billion global Transit Packaging Division of Crown Holdings, Inc., with more than 95 manufacturing facilities and 8,500 employees worldwide. The breadth and depth of Signode’s experience and product portfolio allows the company to offer the resources, reach, and vision to provide transit packaging solutions for the smallest local customers to the largest global customers.