Twentyby30 Crown Sustainability Update 2022

Signode part of Crown in 2020 launched the ambitious Twentyby30 sustainability objectives. We are happy to present our 2022 update, this report displays information up to the end of the fiscal year for 2022.

Our sustainability report is provided in alignment of the GRI index and maintains the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board expectations.

The top priorities and highlights for 2022 have been:

  • Business Practices

    • To comply with ESG rules & regulations, maintaining strong business ethics along good governance.

  • Products

    • Provide cost reductions while maintaining product quality and safety (particularly within the food industry).

  • Customers

    • Maintaining and growing customer satisfaction, maintaining compliance with environmental legislation as applicable in our industry, alignment with customers to create partnerships with sustainability in mind.

  • Employees

    • Providing a diverse and inclusive working climate whilst focusing on employee health, wellbeing and career growth.

  • Circularity & Waste

    • Enhancing the % of raw materials used from recycled and renewable resources. Consistent improvements in the recycling rate and recycled content of our metals while also reducing waste. 

  • Energy & Carbon Footprint

    • Minimise carbon/greenhouse gas emissions, pivoting to focus on renewable energy and energy reductions.

Learn more and view the full 2022 Crown Sustainability report.

To find out more how we maintain corporate standards and calculate data for the Twentyby30 program and sustainability report view